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Kiddiwinks Day Care Ltd

Home from Home childcare 

Policies & Procedures

We acknowledge that our Policies & Procedures are fundamental to ensuring we maintain the highest standards at all times. There are a wide range of Policies & Procedures that govern the way we operate our setting and these are readily available for all to read. These include, amongst others, health and safety, equal opportunities, child behaviour, parent partnership, Special Educational Needs, and child protection.

Policies & Procedures are essential to the running of the setting and so for that reason they have to be maintained and measured. Our regular checks ensure that our processes are always kept to the highest standards.

I have many policies and procedures in place to ensure a high standard of health, well being and care of your child. All parents will be given a welcome pack containing this information when arrangements are made for us to care for your child. Here are a few examples of my policies:

Keeping Children Healthy: I encourage the children to eat a healthy diet and limit sweet treats. We have healthy snacks throughout the day such as fruit, toast and breadsticks. I allow them regular access to outdoor play areas such as the garden, park and play gyms.

Fire Safety:For fire safety, I have installed smoke alarms at both levels of the house which are regularly tested and maintained. I also have a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher. In the event of a fire, I have devised and practiced a fire escape plan so that the children and staff will know what to do in a real fire (this is situated on the noticeboard in the hall). I aim to practice the fire drill at least once every haf term to ensure the children are familiar with the procedure.

Behaviour Management: I manage the children’s behavior without the use of physical punishment, or embarrassing or humiliating a child. I believe in praising children and encouraging good behavior. If a child uses unacceptable behavior, I explain the reasons why this is not allowed or try to distract them (this is dependent on the child’s age and stage of understanding). If this behavior persists, I usually sit the child on a chair, away from the other children, until they are willing to stop this behavior. With older children, I use the time out method and withdrawal of privileges, or occasionally a good behavior chart as encouragement. Occasionally, I may ignore unwanted behavior if I feel it is being done to get a reaction. If the behavior continues, I will inform parents to discuss further options. I have always found these ways effective and have notneeded any other form of punishment.

Inclusion: All the children in my care are treated as individuals and are given equal concern. They are given the same opportunities and experiences regardless of their age, sex, colour or creed. I encourage children to have respect for others and will not tolerate any negative attitudes towards people who are different in any way. I show respect for different backgrounds, cultures and abilities and reflect this is the play materials I use.

Settling in Children;

Settling into Kiddiwinks is very important. Most children settle fairly quickly, but some do take time. We want your child to be happy at Kiddiwinks, so your child may attend as many ‘settling in’ sessions (of up to one hour’s duration) free of charge until they settle. At times children cry when left – please regard this as perfectly normal and natural. Please try not to feel guilty if your child cries when you leave!

Some children may go through a period of not wanting to come to nursery. This could be due to a variety of factors. Staff will always let you know if there has been an incident at nursery. Please let us know if there have been any changes at home.

Our Policies & Procedures are available for viewing at any time, just speak to a member of staff.